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2022-10-08 13:23:40 By : Ms. Lisa Deng

Fantic has revealed a new rally bike, the XEF Rally, which is derived from its factory rally racer. It will be available from November.

Fantic has announced its new production rally bike, a first for the Italian brand as it continues to expand. 

Fantic is a staple of the Italian off-road motorcycling scene and its presence grows with the new XEF Rally range. 

There are two bikes: the XEF Rally; and XEF Rally Factory. The difference is obvious, the Factory is simply ‘more’.

The XEF Rally is derived from the bike which competed at this year’s Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, and - like its counterparts from other brands - takes a full factory racer and places it in the hands of anyone with the money to buy it. That, in the case of the XEF Rally, is €24,240.

For that, you get a Euro5 homologated 450cc motor encased by an aluminium frame which connects to the front and rear wheels via suspension from Kayaba. When it comes to braking, the XEF Rally relies on a 300mm front disc with callipers from Moto Master.

The fuel capacity is complemented by a second tank. In total, the central and side fuel tanks can hold 30 litres. 

To help with navigation, the XEF Rally comes with a seven-inch “RallyScreen” which features a plexiglass cover to help protect it from the elements (dust and stones, for example). The RallyScreen is compatible with “any of the navigation apps on the market,” according to Fantic, and can be operated either via the touchscreen or the buttons on the handlebar. Finally, it can be detached from the bike and carried around when needed, even though it powers up and down with the bike (when it is attached).Related Articles

The Factory version is more closely related to the official bike of the factory race team. There will only be 50 made (each will come with its own number tag so its uniquity is verifiable), and it comes with a number of race-focused additions. 

Firstly, there is the race-style instrumentation, which Fantic says “features a strong steel and aluminium structure designed to support a professional roadbook and trip master for orientation in any competition.”

Further, the radiator is at the front for greater airflow, and the oil filter is enlarged and features an additional tank. The clamps and hubs are made from billet and are CNC-machined, while the rear hub has a sprocket support to soften the engine character.

On the other hand, the exhaust comes from Arrow, and is made of titanium offering a weight reduction of 1.5kg compared to the standard version. There is also a hydraulic steering damper with a setup designed for long-distance comfort and rideability.

Finally, rally racers need not only a motorcycle, but also tools and gear. The XEF Rally Factory comes with a Fantic Rally Jersey, and a 144-litre toolbox.

Both the XEF Rally and XEF Rally Factory are made in the Motori Minarelli factory in Bologna, and will be available from November.

In-text images courtesy of Motociclismo.

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